We've been together for:

Happy New Year, Baby <3

I may not be the best artist, the best speaker, the best poem writer. I may not be very creative with my hands. I wanted something special for our 6 months, but I also wanted to give you something to look at whenever you want. Just like the PowerPoint you made me. So, I did what I do best, I made you a website (I'm a nerd ik). This site will automatically update on monthly milestones and holidays :).

Hello, Cheyenne Fine


(Baby, Babe, Darling, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy, My Soulmate, My Everything, My World)


Where it all began...

Rockledge High School, your Junior year, my Senior year. We have been in the same 5th period Algebra 2 class all year and have never spoken a word to each other. That all changed very quickly. One joke from a friend turned us from never speaking to speaking 24/7. You started sitting next to us and me and you clicked instantly. I don't think I've ever clicked with a person so fast. I had to wait for you to add me back since the service in class was bad, and I waited until on 2/23/23 I got a notification that you added me back. I was genuinely so happy that you added me, I was happy to have a new friend. Little did I know we were friends that turned into lovers.
2/24/23 - 3/5/23
You took my phone this day. Remember this photo:
(Captured by Bitdefender Security)
(you couldn't guess my passcode)
I thought it was so funny, a little pissed you took my phone but still funny. I've had some great moments being in that class with you. I honestly loved it so much. Meeting you made my 5th period so much better.
This is when we started hanging out outside of school more often, and 3/6 is the first day we hung out alone. By this point we were already talking 24/7. Honestly, this is when I really started to have feelings for you. You were smart, funny, fun to be around, beautiful, and I honestly started having a crush on you. I loved being on the phone with you and texting you, but I loved hanging out with you in person even more. You made my days so much happier. I had a lot of back-and-forth convos with friends about hoping you liked me back during this time, I was thinking you were way out of my league and that you wouldn't like someone like me. But I still had a crush on you anyway, I wasn't going to let my thoughts stop me from trying to be with you. By the middle of the month, I started dreaming about having you in my life, I didn't want to live without you. You made my life so much happier and I wanted you to be in it forever.
(Captured by David)
3/23/23 - 3/26/23
This was it. I was in 4th period auto tech when you told me you liked me. The same day I asked you on a date and hinted at taking you to prom. The happiness I felt on this day was like no other. I never thought such a beautiful girl would like me back. This day was amazing, and I'm so happy it happened. I still remember when you told me after all the cutting up in traffic: "today really solidified that i really do like u.... like a lot" and replying my corny statement "I like you alot too, your literally fun af, fun to be around, not to mention bad as hell" (i wasn't lying tho)

u just ask me on a date? 🤨

u just took me on a date? 🤨

We did indeed go on a date, a picnic in particular. Hot Cheetos, cheese, some kind of wrap thing, sprite, and flowers. I was so excited to take you on a date, that made me so happy. Everything about that moment was amazing.
We went back to my house after, and I was told I was the best pillow ever :)
3/27/23 - 4/28/23
Alot of the best moments of my life happened during this time, we met spiderman, we had jobs, got into a little car accident, took a photo of carmen, went shopping for prom, the first kiss, A LOT of being devious via Alexa and various apps, the trial and fail, and finally....
Prom.... well, sort of.
Well... we couldn't go to the Rockledge HS prom, but honestly I had way more fun getting dinner with you and going to citywalk. We got to stay out until 12 together, I loved it so much. I loved every moment of that day. You looked so beautiful, I couldn't get enough of you. Every inch of you looked flawless. Then, later that day we did something devious and cuddled together. I really was sad when you had to go after we were cuddling. I honestly wish you could have spent the night in my arms. That was the best night of my life.

4/30/23 - Present

We've been through alot, I graduated, you became a Senior, but we still spend everyday together. I love the time we spend together. Even through ups and downs there is no one I'd rather spend the rest of my life with than you. Your my everything, my all, my world. You brought joy into my life since the day I met you. You are the most beautiful, most perfect, sexiest girl I have ever met. You have everything, from your captivating hazel eyes, to your long gorgeous black hair, to the cute freckles that I love so much. I love you from head to toe baby, I could never wish for a more perfect girl than you. I can't wait to update this page when I propose to you and when we get married. I love you more than these words can describe.

My time spent with you has been amazing, and I cant wait for the many more seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years we will spend together.

I love you so much darling.

From: David Fine

You don't have to read this part btw:

I had to pull a few strings to get this up here in time, thank you to Cloudflare, Google & the Google Photos Team, Adobe, and Hostinger for making this all possible. I couldn't have done this without you all. I'd literally do anything for this girl, I love her so much :)